Recycling 4.0

The aim of the project Recycling 4.0 is to improve the recycling process through a targeted and controlled exchange of information. All players, from raw material producers to OEMs and recyclers, are to be networked with each other and form a circular economy. The focus of our subproject is on the development of an information and data marketplace where the different actors can network to exchange information.

The project video "Digitization as the key to the Advanced Circular Economy".

Due to the advancing expansion of electromobility, more and more lithium-ion batteries are being sold. The scarce raw materials they contain, such as lithium and cobalt, make efficient recycling essential. This presents manufacturers and recyclers with new challenges in terms of technology and available information. The ERDF innovation alliance "Recycling 4.0" is looking at possible applications of digitalization in recycling to meet the challenges posed by increasingly complex products and a lack of information. The focus is on the extraction, dissemination and use of information through Industry 4.0 along the entire value chain. To this end, information dissemination will be enabled via an information marketplace as well as direct sharing between actors. The additional information will be used to increase efficiency in recycling, close material cycles, recover critical raw materials and enable decision support. The project thus contributes to sustainable e-mobility, enables resource conservation and reduces Germany's dependence on raw materials.

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Digitized Circular Economy

Marit Mathiszig, M.Sc.