Get to know us

We are the DIGIT

The Ostfalia University for applied sciences and the Clausthal University of Technology are connected through a long lasting partnership in research and teaching.

Against this background the collaboration of both universities in the areas of research, teaching, and workshops was perpetuated in 2018 with a cooperation treaty. Besides the exchange and recognition of the courses, a clearly stated goal is the creation and expansion of common cooperative research- and promotion programs. As a first common area to develop Digitization became the focus

The first implementation measurements of the common strategic orientation is the across universities bachelordegree program Digital Technologies which started in september 2019.A consecutive Master progrogram as well as a common graduate program are in planning and are expected to be launched in 2021.

The Center for Digital Technologies represents the academic frame for this cooperation between the universities. This is were degree programs, research activities within the different research focusses, and the silverLabs digitization labratories are located.

The DIGIT members consist of professors of the Clausthal University of Technology as well as of the Ostfalia university. In addition, representatives from regional and international economic buisnesses are members of the DIGIT. Together they ensure a multilateral exchange between economy and science which is reflected in the application-specific degree programs, the reserach projects, and doctoral studies.