Shaping a digitale future through digitalization!

The digital transformation is one of the greatest challenges for science, business and society. It describes the transition between the industrial age, which is characterised by analogue technologies, and the age of knowledge and creativity, which is determined by digital technologies and innovations.

Digitalization offers the opportunity to anchor sustainability and resource conservation in tomorrow's economy and society. That is why we at the Center for Digital Technologies want to research and develop the digital transformation of sustainable industrial processes in a transdisciplinary manner.

Our focus is on our six fields of applications Autonomous Systems, Circular Ecomomy and Environmental Technology, Digital Transformation, Energy, Industry 4.0 and Mobility with the participation of the following seven faculties of the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences and Clausthal University of Technology:



Fields of application of the DIGIT

Our fields of application

We are advancing digital transformation in six different application areas.

Research projects

Our research projects

Here we inform you about the current research projects of DIGIT

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Our research groups

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