Past Workshops

  • Take part in the Future Day at DIGIT. Whether boys or girls - we invited everyone to spend an exciting day at our Wolfenbüttel and Goslar sites on April 28, 2022. A total of just under 40 students found their way to our sites.

    The Open Mobility Lab at Ostfalia hosted the workshop "Deep Driving - get to know, experience and understand AI" as well as a short tour of the new research building. At GoTec Goslar, we were able to offer two workshops at the same time - Also the workshop "Deep Driving - get to know, experience & understand AI" as well as the UX/UI workshop for the introduction to app development.

    And now a few photos of the Future Day 2022...


  • Workshop "Deep Driving - Get to know, experience and understand AI".

    In order to make complex future topics such as artificial intelligence and autonomous driving tangible for laypersons, the research group "Dependable and Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems" of the Institute for Software and Systems Engineering (ISSE) at Clausthal University of Technology developed the workshop "Deep Driving - get to know, experience and understand AI". In it, participants train the neural networks of the model vehicles with the goal that they can master the course autonomously and error-free at the end of the workshop.

    Prof. Dr. Andreas Rausch, together with the Center for Digital Technologies (DIGIT) team and his research group, brought the workshop to Hannover for the first time. On December 2, 2021, visitors to Lower Saxony's digital conference TECHTIDE were able to experience the complex future topics of AI and deep-learning-based autonomous driving. "By participating in TECHTIDE 2021, we were able to offer our workshop to an interested audience for the second time - now in our state capital for the first time! I am very pleased that our unique workshop offering met with such great interest," said Prof. Dr. Rausch, Chairman of DIGIT and Director of ISSE.

    The expertise was concentrated - In addition to the State Secretary for Digitalization, Stefan Muhle, Prof. Dr. Gert Bikker (Vice President for Research, Development and Technology Transfer at Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences), Prof. Dr. Thomas Vietor (Board Spokesman of the Lower Saxony Vehicle Technology Research Center), Frank Gerken (COO at SIEMENS Mobility RI) and Andrea Wiencke (Head of Regional Economic Development and Skilled Workers at Allianz für die Region GmbH) enthusiastically steered the model vehicles through the course.

    Prof. Dr. Thomas Vietor: "Mobility and digitalization were demonstrated here in a very impressive way. In addition to the learning, there was also the fun factor of working together as a team. Model cars were also used to illustrate how the technology surrounding mobility and the knowledge required of employees for it have changed and will continue to change."

    New business models for a digital, sustainable society

    Prof. Dr. Rausch invited all conference visitors to his session on stage 5. He talked about new, sustainable and digital business models with representatives from the business community, including Dr. Christoph Donner (technical managing director of Harzwasserwerke GmbH), Robina von Stein (managing director of R.S.E.M. re-nt UG and Dr. Dirk Werth (managing director of the August-Wilhelm Scheer Institute).