Your study programme for digitalization and sustainability

Digital Technologies is the joint study programme of the  Clausthal University of Technology and the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences and is based at DIGIT. In their study programme, both universities teach the topics of tomorrow's world. To do this, they combine their power from regional roots, close networking of natural sciences, engineering and economics as well as their good contacts to companies and external institutions.

In addition to the Faculty of Computer Science, the faculties of Electrical Engineering, Transport-Tourism-Sport-Media, Mechanical Engineering and Supply Engineering are involved in the six application areas on the Ostfalia side. On the TU Clausthal side, the Faculties of Mathematics/Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering as well as Energy and Economics are involved.

From the first semester onwards, the students apply the knowledge they have acquired in the computer science subjects within the digitisation projects and try it out by working on practically relevant issues. By choosing an application area, students also determine their individual focus and acquire excellent domain knowledge already during their studies.


The application-oriented and interdisciplinary  bachelor´s degree programme DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES imparts competences for successful digitisation in industry, research and administration, which often takes place at the transition from computer science to the application field. The foundation of the study programme are the subjects of computer science. In addition, students choose their individual field of application as early as the second semester. On the Ostfalia side, the participating faculties of Electrical Engineering, Karl-Scharfenberg, Mechanical Engineering and Supply Engineering are involved here in addition to the Faculty of Computer Science. On the TU Clausthal side, the faculties of Mathematics/Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering as well as Energy and Economics are involved. The knowledge from both areas, computer science and the application area, is linked in the digitisation projects. Here, students work on practically relevant issues from the first semester onwards.

The application-oriented and interdisciplinary  Master´s programme DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES  is characterised by the unique combination of the subjects of computer science, the six exciting application areas and the interdisciplinary digitisation projects. Due to this combination within the four-semester programme, you will become an expert in digitalisation, its technologies and in digital transformation.




As a DigiTec.PILOT, they obtain a certificate (equivalent to 30 ECTS, i.e. approx. one semester's teaching) to deepen their digitisation skills. They learn the basics of digital technologies, such as programming and automation. In an interdisciplinary project from six different application areas, such as AI, sustainability, Industry 4.0, you can try out this knowledge directly in practice in a team.