Prof. Dr. Benjamin Leiding

Clausthal University of Technology

    • Since 2021: Professor for Software Services for the Circular Economy, Institute for Software Systems Engineering, TU Clausthal
    • 2020-2021: Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Institute for Software Systems Engineering, TU Clausthal
    • 2020: Post Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Göttingen
    • 2017-2020: Research Fellow (PhD Student), University of Göttingen
    • Intersection of sustainability and computer science
    • Circular Economy
    • Machine-to-Everything Economy (M2X Economy)
    • Distributed and decentralized systems
    • Digital identities


All current publications and research projects can be found here:


Clausthal University of Technology
Fakulty for mathematics, Computer science and Mechanical Engineering

Institute for Software Systems Engineering (ISSE)

Center for Digital Technologies (DIGIT)
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