Our motivation:

Der Recycling-Weg eines Smartphones...

Was ist ein Reallabor?

A real laboratory is an environment in which concepts and innovations are tested under real conditions. Various actors and user groups are involved, working together and exploiting synergies. Based on the data and insights gained, the tested concepts can then be set up permanently and innovative technologies can be introduced permanently.


Die Circular Economy

The guiding theme of TU Clausthal in research, teaching and transfer is the Circular Economy. With our research within the Reallabor, we would like to help shape the path to a climate-neutral, sustainable future.

In the Circular Economy, in contrast to the Linear Economy, resources are reused and reprocessed in different forms. This is already based on different solutions in the optimal utilization of products and their resources, depending on their condition and nature.


Unser Konzept

The increasing tightening of global, ecological conditions is pushing more and more for the development of new, green technologies and concepts. In the Digitized Circular Economy (DCE) real lab, we want to establish innovations and models in the field of sustainable, digital technologies together with our partners. In doing so, our reimagined model of the Circular Economy is the focus of our research. The different sub-areas of the circular model form our different building blocks of the DCE reallab. They form the infrastructure of our subprojects, in which we research and test implementation on the current challenges of the Circular Economy.



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