Reallabor DCE


Digitized Circular Economy - Our Living Lab Initiative

Our goal is to make society and the economy sustainable! With the real lab Digitized Circular Economy, a real lab is being created at TU Clausthal in which we rethink the circular economy using digital technologies. In the future, the real lab will serve as an experimental space for sustainable innovations in reality and is located at DIGIT. Together with the Institute for Software and Systems Engineering (ISSE), the Institute for Processing, Landfill Technology and Geomechanics (IfAD) and partners from regional companies, market-oriented research and technical-economic testing in the field of Circular Economy, using digital technologies, will take place here. Our goal is to achieve a shift in thinking from linear to circular processes in the economy and society, to conserve resources and, in the best case, to create resource-neutral processes.

13. Innovationsforum Recyclingregion Harz

Digitalisierung und Datenmanagement Teil 3

As part of the 13th Innovation Forum Recycling Region Harz, Prof. Dr. Andreas Rausch and Sebastian Lawrenz, M.Sc. presented the plans of the Digitized Circular Economy reallaboratory. The recording of the project presentation from April 2021, including the subsequent Q&A session, offer first insights.

We are rethinking the cycle!

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